• Created Nov 03, 2006
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S i N

Satire in Newsvine (S i N) is the best place on Newsvine to publish content that is NOT intended to be taken seriously. more

Members of Satire in Newsvine (SiNners) are encouraged to ridicule articles and seeds in this Nation. SiNners are expected to use sarcasm and humor to mock any content (including comments) posted here. But members and visitors are also expected to respect NV's CoH. So SiNners can mock and ridicule content, but it is not permissible to ridicule fellow 'Viners.

Trolls will NOT be permitted to bait SiNners. Deplorable trolls will be blocked with maximum snarkage.

Blocking: Blocking has been mandated on NV and Admins can block anyone for any reason. So you had better not piss us off.

Deletions: Comments that violate the CoH will usually NOT get deleted. The violator may be blocked butt the offensive statement will be preserved so it can be discussed on the thread.